Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scrappy Saturday - Disappearing 16 Patch

(True Confession time: I actually did these last Sunday. But it was a weekend. And it's Saturday now. And they're purple. And scrappy.)

Anyway, I had a bunch of violet scraps left over from the February Monochromatic Challenge over at Patchwork Times (pieces cut out and waiting in a shoebox for me to get back to them), and I liked the idea of the Disappearing 16 Patch, so I cut out a bunch of 4½" squares, combined them with some Robert Kaufman Kona Solids charms, and got this:


which I then cut up, and got this (more or less):


You're supposed to sew them together like that, so that would be your new block, but I'm thinking of using them as HSTs, either in conjunction with another color, or maybe with white, e.g.,



  • Press open vs. press closed – I made 2 16-patches, and pressed the seams on first closed, then open on the second block. The "open" block did lie flatter when it was done, but it was MUCH easier to match the corners on the rows by nesting the closed seams. I think I'll stick with closed, in general, for now.
  • Looking at the finished blocks, I think I would have liked more prints and fewer solids. It would have made it feel "scrappier", I think, and the patch size is large enough so that it's nice to have a pattern to look at.


  1. This looks interesting. I will be looking to see what you do next!
    Happy stitching!

  2. The blocks look great both ways - whole and cut into hsts. I like to press my seams closed whenever possible because I also like the way they nest together.

  3. What a great idea!! I would never have thought to use them as HST's. Great job!!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my RSC Baby Bliss quilt. You are set as no-reply so I am responding here.

  5. Those blocks are really neat looking. I like the arrangement on the left with the diamond configuration. Have fun with it.

  6. I prefer closed seams, too. It just seems more secure that way - no tension pulling apart with only my seam thread, you know? Plus, there's the nestling advantage, and if you have a multi-corner (like with pinwheels), just spin the allowances - there's no more bulk with that method than with pressing open.