Saturday, February 25, 2012


Oh, look! I made a quilt block!! First sewing I've done in months, and I'm as pleased as punch.

FWQAL 071 - Puss In The Corner
FWQAL 071 - Puss In The Corner

No templates, just rotary cut squares & rectangles, speed-pieced HSTs, and sewn together.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrappy Greens

So, true confession time: I made these blocks for so scrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge... last year.

Scrappy Greens

ahem. Anyway, I didn't get the photos posted last year, so here they are now. (Not quite to scale, the collage resized some of them.)

I haven't done any quilting in a while -- work got busy, and the mess on my sewing table hit critical mass and exploded*, but I miss it, and I'm still loving lurking around and seeing what other folks are up to.

Here's hoping I'll arrive somewhere on the time-space continuum where I'll be able to do some more quilting!

* This sounds like a metaphor, but it's actually embarrassingly close to the literal truth.