Saturday, May 12, 2012

ScrapHappy Saturday - Yellow

Good Day, Sunshine (1) Good Day, Sunshine (2)

(1st picture shows colors better; 2nd shows quilting better).

So, I actually started this last Saturday, continued to work on it through the week, and finished it up Thursday, but my camera had gone on walkabout, so the pictures, at least, are from today.

I didn't think I had too many yellow scraps, which was accurate (the finished size of this is only 15"x15"; each log is 1/2" wide), but I did have a pretty good variety, since I'd bought a couple of charm packs to round out my yellows for the Tokyo Subway Quilt (alas, still a UFO). Background fabic is just unbleached muslin -- I'm a little sorry I didn't use white, since yellow and white quilts really sparkle, but I've been using white as a background a lot lately, and I just felt the need for something different.

Everything was sewn/quilted by machine, and the circles for the quilting were taken from my cappucino cup.

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