Sunday, February 13, 2011

I made a wonky quilt, and it was OK*

So, as you may have guessed, I'm kind of a left-brained square-peg-in-a-square-hole kind of quilter. I do sometimes like other people's liberated/wonky/improvised quilts, but overall, they don't really speak to me.

However, while I'm happy with all the nice pieced blocks I've been making lately, I was kind of craving a project that I could finish (quickly!) and be able to say, "look, I made a quilt" rather than just "look, I made a block." So I decided to give Oh, Fransson's Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt a try.

It's scaled down because the fabric I had was fat eighths, rather than quarters, and because I wasn't sure if I would like it, so the finished size is only about 29" square. As it was going together, I was pretty unsure of how well I like it, but now that the top is done, I'm actually quite fond of it. Of course, the fabric helps with that -- I love those 30's repro fabrics.

I've got the backing fabric soaking in starch water in the refrigerator (a tip from Anita Grossman Solomon; we'll see how it works), so all I need to do is find the courage to try to quilt it at home. Perhaps I'll do that tonight, or later this week. I'm thinking of a simple "drop diamond" design, or whatever it's called when there are evenly spaced vertical lines that are intersected by evenly spaced 45° diagonals.

Anyway, Look! I made a quilt top!

* apologies to Scott Dikkers

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