Thursday, November 3, 2016

Perfectionism: The Bitchy Stitcher gets it

The Bitchy Stitcher: "A pep talk, in case you need it":
If you make ANYTHING, you are a magician. A quilt, a table runner, a placemat, a block, even just two pieces of fabric sewn together and dropped on the floor—hell, even one piece of fabric cut out of a larger one—none of these things existed in that form until you brought them into being. You are Minerva freaking McGonagall, transmogrifying fabric and thread until it becomes something new, something that, no matter what it looks like or how skillfully it was constructed, is greater than what its parts were before you brought them together. That's magic. That's art.
Go read the whole thing, which also discusses social media's way of making us feel like The WORST, when we are much more likely The Averagest. (Shut up, Blogger, that's totally a word.)


  1. Thank your for sharing the link. She really hit the nail on the head. I shared it with my Ravelry group, too, as it's relevant to knitters, too!

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