Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFO Brain Dump

Hi, quilters! Have any UFO's? Well, Leah over at The Free Motion Quilting Project has started UFO Sunday, and I'm joining in. (The "Brain Dump" idea is from David Allen's Getting Things Done.)

I haven't figured out how I'm going to tackle these. There's a method for paying off debts called The Snowball, which basically says you should pick the loan with the smallest balance or the highest interest rate, pay the minimum on all the other loans, and put as much as you can to this one. Once it's paid off, move on to the next larger/lower rate and continue.

As I look over my list, there are some that are pretty close to being done, there are some that would benefit from a concerted effort, but then there are some that I kind of like doing a block or two at a time. I don't know, I'm pretty exhausted just looking at this (and I haven't found the courage to count, BTW).

Anyway, here's what I believe to be a complete list of my UFO's. They're in approximate order from oldest to newest. I'll try to flesh them out / sort them in some meaningful order / annotate in the days & weeks to come.

  • CompuServe Mystery Quilt
  • Blue/White Log Cabin
  • Teal/Burgundy Dragonfly
  • CompuServe Geography Swap
  • CompuServe Cat Block Swap (1994)
  • Curved Log Cabin for Mom & Dad
  • Veggie Slide Show
  • Hand-Me-Down Rust/Green
  • Tessellating Fish
  • Veggie Disappearing 9-patch
  • Muted Slack & Slash Pillow
  • Blue Yellow Brick Road
  • Blue Yellow Brick Road Pillow
  • Orange Twinkling Star
  • 12 Months Sampler
  • CMYKitty
  • (x+1)(x-1) = x²-1 (Solids)
  • Checked Columns (Solids)
  • P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along
  • Modern Solids Mini
  • Grape Tessellating Spirals
  • Bali Pops Trip Around The World
  • Storm At Sea
  • Batik Repaired Rainbows
  • Morris Blooming 9-Patch
  • Jelly Rolls
    • Stonehenge
    • Connecting Threads
    • Cool Batiks
  • Farmer's Wife
  • Teal & White Wonky Checkerboards
  • Ugly Lotto Triangles
  • Log Cabin Star of David
  • Mini Ocean Trip Around The World
  • Paper-Pieced Autumn Triptych
  • Green Stained Glass Mini
  • 3x6 Swap Blocks
  • Curved Block Lotto blocks
  • Tessellating Leaves Mini
  • Orange Big Block
  • Solid Mini Broken Rainbow
  • CompuServe Christmas Swap
  • Brown Mini
  • Purple Tessellating "Crosses"
  • Mini 4-Patch
  • Sherry's Roman Stripe
  • Miscellaneous Blocks
  • Mini Tokyo Subway
  • Scrap Quilts
    • Chimney & Cornerstones
    • Disappearing 16-Patch
    • 4-Patch/Double 4-Patch
    • Ticker tape
    • Self-Mitered Strips
  • Sock It to Me!
  • CMY Pillow / Wall Hanging
  • Grandma's Trellis
  • Grandma's Jelly Roll 1600
  • 6" Blue & White Stars


  1. LOL! I'm actually going to post about working on UFOs like paying off debts next week. I've been cracking through a ton of little ones (just finishing binding and tagging, etc), but honestly found the most enjoyment from the bigger beasty UFOs that needed a lot of oomph to get started. Maybe a bit of both at the same time? I'm looking forward to know which one feels more enjoyable to you!

  2. Your list looks a lot like mine will I'm afraid... I look forward to seeing what you decide to work on first!

  3. WOW! That took a lot of guts to put that out there! I think the hardest thing is trying not to start something new! I'm currently being tempted beyond belief, but have to get at least a few more done before I start a new one. I have been trying to finish 2 for every 1 I start. But really I need to just stop starting new ones!