Friday, August 17, 2012

FNSI Checklist

  • Nutritious dinner of Triscuits & x-tra sharp cheddar cheese: consumed 
  • Hair: pulled back 
  • Hands: washed 
  • Refreshing beverage: 1/2 drunk, remaining available as needed 
  • Cat: heading to kitchen to get herself some dinner 
  • Headphones: Missing. Dang. OK, scratch podcast plan
  • Castle rerun for background noise: queued up on TiVo

I'm going in! Cover me!


  1. HeHeHe! Good start. I hope you had fun sewing. It's sometimes hard to post when you are sewing, so I'll check on you later.

  2. Hey, I'm following you now. (Not in the staller way, in the good way.)