Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along - Block 7 / Serendipity

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See how the 6th row from the top is all orange, except for the last square on the right, which is dark blue, but says "Orange?" Total coincidence. I've got the cut-out squares in plastic glasses, and when I pick them for each block, I try to get a variety of tones, styles, scales, etc., but that's about it for planning. I just happened to grab the blue "orange" when I was looking for another dark blue.

Why does the fabric say "orange"? It's a cute novelty design with various images of coffee-related objects and the names of various coffee drinks in script. "Orange" was part of the phrase "Seville Orange," which I didn't realize was a coffee drink, but no complaints here.

(Don't worry, I also did Blocks 4, 5, & 6, I just need to play catch-up for them.)

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